09/09/2011 23:56
Hey, how are you doing, my name is Josh. I’m looking for some good conservation and someone who wants to explore new opportunities. I have a good personality, I’m out-going and I have a big heart. I love to have a good time and I love making people around me laugh.I enjoy the outdoors, and I...


01/08/2011 16:36
I’m fun and outgoing, I like the outdoors. I have a wonderful smile ladies, and eyes you can get lost in. I’m a down-to-earth person, I put in as much as I receive. I have a good muscular build, I looking for a lady for a friend, or it can let be a lot more, let's just see what happens:) I...


12/07/2011 10:54
I am open minded, very lovable. I have a huge heart and a lot of love to give. I’m funny, romantic, and respectable. I base my relationships on honesty and sincerity. If this is something you might be interested in ladies, I will be waiting for your letter. With Much Respect, James  James...


12/07/2011 09:49
I have a great personality, I am very outgoing guy. I get along with everybody that I meet. I will listen to your problems, and you can trust me. I am an outdoor person, I like to fish, camping, cars, and horse back riding. I am looking for a lady that will help me pass the time and be a friend...


19/06/2011 17:21
My name is Donnie Smith; I’m 29-years old, 5’11” tall, bluish grey eyes, 190-pounds, sandy blonde hair. I’m from Manchester, KY, that “Clay County”, yeah, I’m a country boy! I love the outdoors, fishing, hunting, cooking out, camping out, riding 4-wheelers, anything to do with the outdoors, I...


15/06/2011 10:33
I’m in here in hopes that I can find someone from the free world to help get me through the hard times that come with being incarcerated. Hopefully I can meet some new people with an open-mind and a great heart… because I know you are out there somewhere! I’m fun-loving with a great sense of...



  I’m at the time in my life where I’ve realized I need a true friend! Over eleven-years I’ve been in prison with no contact with the outside! I’m not looking for sympathy, just someone to share their thoughts and desires with me as I will share with them! I need a woman who is strong, genuine, and passionate as myself! I’ve very high on honesty, loyalty, and faithfulness as well! Even through I’ve hit rock bottom at this stage in my life, I’m still a confident, proud man that always holds my head up high! I also consider myself to be a “risk-taker”, a survivor, and a fighter because I live on the edge and I’ve survived my struggles because I never stop fighting for what I want or believe in! In my eyes friendship is built on honor, respect, loyalty, and honesty! It’s a bond that two people share with each other that’s unbreakable as long as both sides give their all to one another! Doubt is never an issue, no matter what situation may occur because a foundation in a relationship or friendship is built on trust! No, I’m not perfect but friendship is something I never taken for granted! I’m reaching out because I’m a “risk-taker” and life is to short to pass up on opportunities that could be life changing! Hopefully released in about 10-months, and I’m hoping to find a friend to share all the things I have to offer!

I hope to hear from you ladies soon!

With Much Respect,



Billy Noel #141156
K.S.P. 7C/H E-1
P.O. Box 5128
Eddyville, KY 42038





I’m Reaching Out – Cause No One Was Reaching In!

Here’s a little about myself… my heritage is Scottish and Native American. I have never been married and I don’t have any kids. My favorite color is deep purple. My favorite food is seafood and pretty much any type of fruit. I have a lot of different interest in things that work my mind as well as my body. I love to workout, play all types of sports, as well as jog. I love to real all type of books, my favorite movies are “Braveheart”, “300” and “Gladiator”. My favorite authors are Sidney Sheldon, and Robert Green… other interests are morals, philosophy, humor, all type of outdoor activities, and animals.

Though I am young, I’ve been told that I’m mature beyond my years. I have a very serious nature about myself which is due to the life I’ve lived. I take great pride in the morals I live by, I’m a “Realist”. I carry myself with respect, strength and honor. I’m a risk taker, a survivor and a fighter. I’m a very good person with a huge heart. I have a good sense of humor, very fun, loving and down to earth.

I’m looking for that one woman who can look past my circumstances, and really want to get to know me for who I am, not judge me for my past… I admire and in search for a strong, genuine, loyal, and independent woman who is looking for something real, whether it be friendship, or something deeper.

I just need one angel to put faith and hope back into my life. I hope to hear from you ladies soon!

With Much Respect,


Darron Aldridge #185102
P.O. Box 5128
Eddyville, KY 42038



My name is Paul, I'm 6'0, with blonde hair and blue eyes, I am a very compassionate and down to earth, articulate individual, that is seeking more with a lady. I enjoy making people laugh and smile, just seeing a lady with a smile on her face, makes me so happy. That's my number one goal. I have a big heart and always strive to better myself, I enjoy being adventurous and having fun, I value the simple things in life, such as good conversation. I am athletic, love music and always seek the good in people. So if you are a woman that enjoys having fun and would like to write to me, please don't hesitate, because I would love to hear from you

With Much Respect




200 Road to Justice

West Liberty

KY 41472




Hey, I'm Seth, I enjoy the outdoors, having a good time, and meeting new people. I'm very athletic and work out is one of my hobbies that I really enjoy. I also enjoy the simple things in life, things most people take for granted, like driving, watching the sunrise, seeing the leaves change in Autumn, things like that. Also, I love listening to all types of music. To tell you more about myself, single, easygoing individual with a great personality and sense of humor. The area I feel is missing in my life is a relationship with a woman. I am looking for a single woman to correspond with. If you are interested, I encourage you to write me. I hope you give me the chance to get to know you.
With Sincerity and Respect,

Seth Smith #220294
Rt. 5, Box 1000
Sandy Hook, KY 41171