23/10/2011 15:36
Black single gay male looking for sincere friendship and understanding of my situation, I would like for someone to write to me from across sea’s or just out of state. My birthday is 01-31-1963. I am in lockup at the moment as I got a 200 day ticket so it is kinda lonely here at the present...


18/10/2011 20:16
Height: 605 Eyes: Brown Hair: Black DOB: 03-22-1977   I am a black male, brown skin in completion, 6’5 tall, brown eyes, no tattoos and no body piercings’ I am serving 11 years for assaulting a D.O.C correctional officer; I am housed at North Branch correctional institution....


09/08/2011 17:02
De Monio Brooks# 290408 N.B.C.I 14100 Mcmullen HWY SW Cumberland MD 21502 USA


09/08/2011 16:45
James Mauzone Jr# 186957 N.B.C.I Housing unit #2 C57 14100 Mcmullen HWY SW Cumberland MD 21502 USA   James is HIV and he wishes support and friendship from someone that has understanding.



 Hello all my name is James and I am hopefully looking for  someone who is strong minded kind hearted compassionate, understanding 100%honest supportive respectful, NON judgemental.  I hope this is not too much to ask for considering my situation.  My happiness comes from making others happy.  As products of an imperfect world, we are all imperfect. Every one of us has done something wrong. There are times where we regret doing these things and we feel remorseful but have to face the consequences of which I am doing now. If you have the time to drop me a line I would really like to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my short message.


James M Coombs #253-838

14100 McMullen Highway SW


MD 21502




First of all let me start off by saying Hello and Thank you for taking the time out to chat w/me and check me out! I am very outgoing, very loyal to friends and family. I don't do drugs or smoke, and love kids, also very respectable to women. I am eager and interested in meeting someone, or some new friends that are willing to just keep it real :) No matter what ...ya know? Times aren't always easy but I mean “C'mon” If you can't keep things fresh, keep things true and on the up and up, what do you really have left? I am an animal lover by nature, they're so pure with love and loyalty that's incomparable! One could only Dream of finding a human companion daring the unique love of your cat or your dog...Feel me? I'm also a health nut J and I enjoy kick-ass workouts! It helps me maintain my sanity. I'm a hard worker, a certified plumber, and I whole heartedly believe in earning my keep that just makes a man, theres no other way! I do have some time left but I have faith I'l become a better man through all this, and maybe, possibly your love, friendship and companionship intertwined with mine, could help us grow together? Cause it isnt just hard in here, its hard out there too!! Well, unfortunately I must go for now, but hopefully not forever... That's up to you? :) I'm here if you need to talk, laugh, scream about or share...I'm as you could say “down 4-what-eva

Hope to hear from you soon... Take care!

Michael Herbert


Michael Herbert #332-906
18701 Roxbury Road
Hagerstown, MD 21746