09/11/2011 19:34


My name is Adam and I enjoy the simple things in life like family, friends, love, and life itself. I have a passion for cars, and one day plan to own an Auto Body Shop, or Car Lot. That’s one of my 5-year goals in life. I also love to fish, I grew up between the lakes in Minnesota and the back roads of Iowa. I have many skills in and out of the house. I’ve been in 15-states between here and California. I would like to go east on my next trip.  My idea of a perfect day would be spent with you. We could do a number of different things from a day on the beach to a day in bed! As long as we enjoy each other, it’s time well spent. I am looking for a woman not a girl to write, and open up with, and grow. See where this goes. I don’t have a race, I believe all women are beautiful. I don’t have any children but love them and enjoy the happiness that bring a family. I hope to have some in the near future.
I hope to hear from you ladies soon.

With Much Respect,

Adam Rees #6451299
1550 "L" Street
Ft. Dodge, IA 50501