03/09/2011 10:40

Hello ladies. You know eyes that look are common but eyes that see are very rare. What I'm saying is that my eyes see that women have been victimized by so many words and not enough actions. I'm here today to draw the line between those who talk the talk and those who walk the walk. I'm a responsible adult. I try to reduce bull and childish games to the lowest terms. "Feel me?". My motives are not to assault your intelligence but to bring light to those dark corners of your life and mind. This is what friends are for. I'm trying to move forward and I'm searching for one who's trying to stop living in the shadow of yesterday and willing to go walking in the light of tomorrow. Yes, the past is stronger than the present  but as people we mustn't dwell on the obstacles of our past but capitalize on the opportunities of our future. My understanding is cruising at high altitudes, therefore I understand as human beings our biggest handicap is not fully understanding the physics of human nature. I'm not here to exploit you ladies, I'm here to explore you with the intentions of getting to know you better. I also find it comforting and believe there lies a purpose in every encounter we have in life because it's a means of strengthening our character. And consolidating all our desires gained thru living which explains the depth of our experience with the patience of only God. I anticipate your words.....
I'll be waiting.......God bless you......Alfonso
In the photo I'm the one on the left with no hat on.


Age 30
Puerto Rican, Black and Indian
Looking for friends, serious relationship


Alfonso Jermain Leatch, Jr #920636
Connally Unit
899 FM 632
Kenedy, Tx. 78119