15/09/2011 20:33


My name is Bryan and I’m 6-foot tall with brown hair and green eyes. I’m very outgoing and upbeat and like to stay active. I like to have fun and be happy, but at the same time I like to work and make money to support myself. I’m not a freeloader, I like to work for what I have. Nothings free and I don’t expect it to ever be.

I love to ride dirt bikes, go snowboarding, go fishing, camping, hiking, and taking the truck in the deep mud or driving on the dunes. I a very out-dorsey person if you haven’t noticed I love to cook and I’m pretty good at it. I was going to take Culinary Arts, but instead went to college to be a Firefighter. My home is on the Oregon Coast, right there in Coos Bay.

Just to throw this out there, this is my first time in being in trouble in my entire life and definitely hate prison, will never come back! I’m not “Career Criminal” and I don’t plan to be, or ever want to be for sure. I’m in here for Assault, you can look it up on the Oregon DOC website, my current photo on there sucks, but what Mug Shot really looks good, huh. A guy stole some stuff from me and I took the law into my own hands and unfortunately got myself put in prison for 70-months. I get out in June 2015, I’m at a Minimum Facility, so I have a lot of freedom than most, but it’s still prison.

I am a very down-to-earth and I’m a very respectful and treat others how I would like to be treated, especially women! I have 3 tattoos, I have one on my right shoulder, it’s a blue moon, I have a variation of Godsmack sun on my left shoulder and a tattoo of some vampire looking skulls on fire on my left forearm. I looking for a woman that shares the same interests as me and is very active, likes to workout, go hiking, etc… Also, ladies would enjoy to see what you look like, welcome your photo if you want.

If you would like to know more about me, shoot me a letter.

With Much Respect,


p.s. now you can check me out on Myspace:


Bryan Morgan #16660772
777 Stanton Blvd.
Ontario, OR 97914