13/01/2011 00:18

Excuse my straight forwardness: Good friends are all I seek. A solid bond can survive any hardship but neglection. A friendship is, but, a hollow category with no meaning, if all involved aren`t resolved in their duty: we take for granted ..what is there at sunset will still be there when your eyes rise at dawn…it has to mean something.Meaning is like fuel to our lives! Meaning is what we must feed our friendships if they are to survive. Time never sleeps. From our first breaths, it has been a constant experience in learning what makes us happy; How possible is it to forget our first friend?
If it takes effort ot make a friend, it`s only reasonable that effort will be required to maiintain it. You don`t keep a muscle cause you made it; you keep it cause you engage it. Many of us here have our hearts in the appropiate place, but find the place inappropriate to express what is in our hearts. Having a world, beyond this segregated hole, gives me a foothold; a temporary exodus.If you like to read and write of things relevant to life, then reach out to me,
I`ll respond,


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