13/01/2011 15:26


Ciao, and Ola! I am showing off a bit of italiano and espaňol, because I am learning these languages. I do speak fluent Spanish and English, however, I also speak the language of metric rhymes, and love poems. For unknown reason, my heart and soul, enjoy to express such feelings and emotions with the truth and crystal gaze inherent in poetry. I am an artist and poet by nature. I study to have more knowledge of the world, and though young, have been given an ancient soul. And this soul feels the need to move into the next chapter of life...Drawing, coloring, my cultural arts, music, poetry, and learning more and more... these are my second favorite thing. My true love, is truly loving. Having friends. Having a bet that you know is a winner, by having someone you can count on. And be counted on. Honesty, trust, loyalty, faithfulness, and courage to speak my heart, even to be a fool, if such truths make me so. I am looking for friends, for special people. I am soon to see the world, and this is what I would like to do. But not alone. If you'd enjoy certain mail, real truths, and knowing someone whose favorite thing in life might be you, or simply to share joys, as well as sorrows, but in the end to bring happiness to one another in friendship and/or more, I realize that I must leave the door open. I've just unlocked it. A smile, a poem, a letter, and maybe a laugh or two, await all who would like to be my true friend. And a go with God for those that need another...


Enrique Montijo, ADC# 181996,
P.O. BOX 4000,
FLORENCE, AZ 85132-4000