17/10/2011 10:02

Imagine…being held and relaxing into strong arms, feeling safe and appreciated and intimate; saying to yourself “this feels so right” and knowing it to be true. I’m too, am seeking that special someone.

I’m fit, attractive and intelligent. (yet, I am always looking for opportunities to better myself.) At the same time, I am emotionally literate and willing to take risks. Searching for one who will help me expand my education, and assist me to grow into a better person; as I do. Barring the much sought after quest for my better half; a new friend or legal help would also be greatly appreciated.

If you are of like heart, and this speaks to you, I look forward in meeting you.

With Much Respect,

Jason Hathaway #11952364
3405 Deer Park Drive SE
Salem, Oregon 97310-9385