13/01/2011 01:04


What is Friendship? By: Jeff Wood
To me, Friendship is a precious gift. It was designed to bring great comfort to the giver and receiver. Friendship is raw emotion freely given to one another and includes understanding one another’s pain, pleasures, needs, wants and desires. It involves being an active listener, being open-minded and being non-judgmental.  So, why should you want to communicate with me? Well, I am funny, laid-back, patient, and genuine. I love to listen and learn from people and I am looking for some true, life-long friends. I believe that friendships are hard work, but worth the effort! It takes a lot to learn to compromise and to be selfless, and this is what I am striving to be. Therefore, if you are looking for the same qualities in a friend, and want an open and honest, long lasting friendship I would love to hear from you. Further, I really would like a friend that I can feel comfortable discussing ANY subject with, and who in return, feels comfortable discussing ANY subject with me. I have nothing to hide or be shy about, so any kind of discussions are okay with me!  I do realize that being friends does not mean that we have to agree on every subject; everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and I am looking for someone who will not be afraid to share their ideas with me even though they may differ.  I love sports, (extreme and recreational) camping, fishing, hunting (for food) and nature in general. I also like spending time with friends and family, even though it is very hard to do considering my situation. See, I have been on Texas Death Row for 13 years for a murder I factually did not commit; one I had no idea would even be taking place. As you can imagine, I am doing all I can to stay positive while I am here. I invite you to read over my case @ and join my group on Facebook. I whole-heartedly ask that you not let this technicality stand in the way of what could be a wonderful friendship! I will close for now, but I leave as I came; with the utmost respect.


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