07/02/2011 00:29

Height: 6'
Weight: 225
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Age: 53

Reaching out with hopes of linking understanding and wisdom by way of personal friendship in order to bring the roots of your desires to the surface. Whether it was curiosity, spontaneity or perhaps the absence of having something special in your life that led you here, I am grateful. I´m a true gentleman, a San Franciscan transplanted here in the Pacific Northwest. I look, feel and conduct myself in a manner that somewhat contradicts my age :-)

Cultural diversity attracts me, stimulating conversation, progressive ideas, social consciousness combined with the intensity of the unknown excites me, and the beautiful art of one to one interpersonal communication invigorates me. Fundamental spirituality grounds me and never do I attempt to stray from its center. Life is full of demands and uncertainties, but we must never succumb to the challenges thereof.  My present disposition consistently challenges me, but broken dreams and disappointments are not confined to government prisons. Given this fact, at some stage in our lives our hearts are prone to suffer lack of nourishment.I´m genuinely excited at the prospect of connecting with an independent woman of class, intelligence, compassion; someone who´s adventurous as well as attracted to entertaining ideas about passionate things. Although I have an affinity for Persian, Middle Eastern & Latina woman, I´m not hung-up on one´s race, age or size. This isn´t a ficticious front, nor am I out to play love-games of the heart. If I have found my way to you please take this moment to introduce yourself; I´ll eagerly and promptly reply. Take care and have a gorgeous day!


Joseph Kennedy #722620
E-E-201 WSP
1313 N. 13th Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362