13/01/2011 15:17


True friendship, love, and special people one may count on, are difficult to find within these walls. Odd, I have helped many with their ads, and coming to my own truth, I see the task they faced and readily gave to me. How does one open the still uninjured part of the heart and soul, and permit some stranger a peek? Like Gibran implied, one must simply go into the pinions, and pray they don't enfold you too tightly, piercing the skin...
Smile and laugh, I'm not that melodramatic, but as an author and poet, artist and whisperer of something, it attaches itself to my writing. I am searching. Special people that can join, be friends, be more, are still out there, and as I come close to release after so long, I would like to allow fate another door. A door opened, while I wait inside. Hoping. Praying. Thankful for what I have, and for a new friend I might receive. I believe intelligence is in never giving up, and being creative.
Music, Art Books, all things Italian, as I speak Italian fluently, pictures, poetry, and those things amorous, I love to have, to feel, to do. I am ship, and I seek the muse, the music, and wind for the shared sea... If you'd like, if your heart is open, even if bruised and abandoned, two souls may recognize themselves in another, but first you must open your eyes... and see. All are welcome.



Karl L . Guillen
ADC# 077614
P.O. BOX 4000
FLORENCE, AZ 85132-4000