13/01/2011 14:34


My name is Keith Allen Lewis Sr., CDCR #P70532, Birth date 3 /27 / 56, I was born and „reared“ in Oakland, California. I`m unfortunately temporarily on California`s Infamous Death Row.
My ethnicity African-American, body-type: average, height: 5’7’’, marital status: single
Sexual orientation: straight, Religion: Al-Islam, Smoker: no, Drinker: no,
Education: graduated high school and some college, Children: 3 sons, and I`m a proud parent.
The perfect woman and/or match for me would be: a pious God fearing woman, her age ethnicity, height, body type, hair color/length, eye-color, breast cup size, occupation, religion or whether she has children or not, none of these things would matter to me. Her personality: I`d like for her to be serious, yet have a sense of humor, be sociable, yet could be shy, quiet, observant and conservative, a woman whose intelligent enough to be a woman in the streets but a true lover between the sheets. But foremost and most importantly, a woman that believes in our creator “GOD”, and a woman who`s undoubtedly pious.
Some of my favorite things are: Songs: I miss you, Walk on by, I tried, be ever wonderful, distant lover, what`s going on, come get to this, tiger in the rain, children of the night, peek-a-boo, you’re as right as rain, it`s too late.
Movies: Once upon a time in America, Predator, Man on Fire.
T.V. Shows: Of Magic, Late Night Poker. Books: The Holy Quran, The Holy Bible, Think and Grow Rich, Black Biblical Heritage. Cars: Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini.
Sports Team: The Oakland Raiders.
My personal message to the world would be: first and foremost that, GOD our creator, is the greatest. And that, every person that has been found guilty of a crime, convicted and sent to prison for the crime, many of them aren`t actually guilty of the crime that they were tried for, found guilty of and consequently sent to prison for. Please, believe that, to be true.
I`m best at: keeping my cool, and remaining calm in unpleasant situations, as caring for the ones I truly love, and at remaining in a GOD consciousness state/frame of mind, at most times.
I`m not so good at: forgiving when I`ve been wronged, although I do eventually forgive, it`s extremely hard, for me to forget.
My greatest accomplishment is: my being the main part of the equation, in which made the state of California spend multi-multi-millions of dollars changing California`s uninhabitable, filthy, rat, mouse and roach infested Death Row, into a much cleaner, suitable and more sanitary place to live. Death Row had never been as clean as it is now “Praise God” and inmates who unfortunately arrive here now, arrive at a well kept clean and sanitized Death Row.
Again “Praise God”
I`m complimented the most about: my prison advocacy and how I assist inmates properly address Death Row`s ongoing malfeasance by staff and administrators alike.
What I like the most about myself: The humbleness which has come with age, and my steadfastness to stay/remain in a GOD consciousness state/frame of mind, albeit I still have my shortcomings.



Keith Allen Lewis Sr.
Lewis – P70532
San Quentin, CA 94974 – 9800