13/01/2011 14:24

My name is Martin Dexter Drews. I am a white American man in my mid 40`s (born 2_4_1964) Originally from Olympia, Washington, I was raised in San Diego California. Now however, I reside at San Quentin State Prison on Death Row, the largest and harshest Death Row prison within the USA.
While my story is not terribly uncommon having been convicted of first degree murder, the prosecution`s method and the overall fundamental ineffectiveness of the American Judicial System, it`s a wonder that I wasn`t placed before the court and simply executed right then and there.
I was charged with killing another prisoner during a riot and for this reason, “Justice cannot be fully served unless and until I am executed”
A seemingly barbaric practice for such a civilized society. Uncertain of what may or may not become of my future, today, I choose to live out what`s left with change by and through abolishing human executions, prison over-crowding, social rehabilitative change, and public awareness of California prison conditions. Working with non-profit organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Death Penalty Focus and DEATHROWINMATE.ORG, I labor to inspire others to take action against these barbaric social positions and to find non-lethal alternatives to bring meaningful closure to victims of crime. I am a struggling born-again Christian, seeking redemption through personal reflection and deeds.
Not many can imagine the living conditions here on Death Row – the environmental despair that bounces off the wall is at times, overwhelming.
I occupy my days working on poetry and learning to draw. Both still need time to develop but I`m proud of them all the same. Although financially challenged and with limited resources, I invite and welcome you to share your thoughts, advice, views and personal stories, as pen friends are invaluable. Without their support, Death Row prisoners wouldn`t have social contact with people who care. For your reference, I am permitted to receive unlimited support through mail/correspondence, reading books from vendors, stationary items, postage stamps, photographs ---- all of which can be enclosed in your correspondence. Should you choose to use an online venue to send stamps, USPC. Com is a preferred method. This secure site also carries postal money orders and will mail both directly to me. As it relates to nominal pledges of monetary, support, the accepted method by institutional standards is or you can enclose a remittal in correspondence. I need all of the support I can muster. Even cosmetic items have a monthly cost attached to them, and here on San Quentin Death Row, we are not permitted to work to support ourselves, our goals, or any number of other pursuits. Please be sure to show your support by visiting which is a promising new anti- death penalty social networking venue. Look for “Dextersworld” as I hope to be featured in the near future. Fly me a request for copies of my artwork or poetry and I will do my best to forward them to you. I look forward to our friendship and your help to abolish human executions in the USA.
Postage permitting, I will answer all correspondence in a timely manner.
In peace,

Martin Dexter Drews
# C – 88058 / Death Row
San Quentin State Prison
California 94964-0001