01/08/2011 16:52

Hello, how are you?
My name is Ray T. Overton, I’m 41 years young. I’m 5’9” in height, 240 lbs in weight, with a very muscular build body. I have a dark chocolate complexion.
I find I need the comfort and understanding of a female friend, if for nothing more than mere conversation. So without any hesitation lets, you and I, take this opportunity to open and establish a line of communication, and enter now into the realm of my existence and friendship. Get to know the reflection of my soul, and the dedication of my heart. I’m thoughtful, caring, and understanding and seeking a loyal friendship. Please don’t waste another minute and respond now, let’s get to know each other through our written language.

Ray T. Overton  B- 24102
P.O. Box 711
Menard, IL 62259