30/05/2011 22:21

Raymond is nearly 25 (DoB: 6/17/86), he was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He has a High School Diploma and he is a Certified Carpenter.

Raymond likes to run tracks, he likes boxing, swimming, basketball. He writes Rap, R&B and Poetry, and he dances. He has Black Skin, Brown eyes, Low Cut hair, his weight is 196 (Athletically Built) and he is 5´9". Women say he looks like a "Thug Usher."

Raymond would like to write to a woman, no matter what race, of age 28 (maybe 26) and up. He´ll send a picture to the one who writes him.

We have known Raymond as a honest and hardworking person who cares about others.

Raymond Watison
Ely State Prison
P.O. Box 1989,
Ely, NV 89301