13/01/2011 15:00

  Greetings from a tomb, which is also known as Ohio’s Super-Maximum-Security Penitentiary. Pink Floyd’s song asks, “Is there anybody out there?” Well, I’m wondering the same thing, so I’m hereby extending my hand with hopes of making contact with somebody who is looking for treasures, adventures and love! Just kidding…
Actually, I’m just hoping to find somebody who wants to share a few good stories and laughs.
If you Google me, you’ll see that I’ve lived through a few adventures, which is also indicated by the artwork posted herewith depicting me in the scope of a sniper’s rifle. The FBI referred to me as “Target Number One” during that period of time – when I took over a prison and held guards hostage in a gun tower. It turned into the longest prison hostage standoff in U.S. history. I have lived life on the edge and I have some stories to tell, some of which I intend to publish.
From life on the edge to life in a tomb; now I’m only a lonely guy looking for companionship and somebody to brighten my lonely days and enjoy my stories of days gone by. So drop me a line and make me smile.
I like to read, write, exercise, eat sweets and junk food, fantasize about pretty girls and work the law – I’m a “jailhouse lawyer” and I have several ongoing cases. I love challenges. My two sweet sisters are my only pen pals, and although I love them, I really need fresh minds to stimulate and corrupt. I will answer all letters, so I hope to hear from you soon.
For financial reasons I only write people in the U.S.A. 


 Ricky K. Wassenaar #497175
Ohio State Penitentiary
PO Box 1436
Youngstown, OH 44501