23/01/2011 09:53

Robert is looking for some friends. He is serving a life sentence, currently at Tamms, Illinois and this place is a maximum security unit. There people are locked up with no human contacts, very isolated and lonely. Robert is 65, had a birthday in January . If someone is looking for a loyal friend then please write to him.


P.O BOX 99


IL 61764



 If I were to pray for a friend in the desert and look for a glass of water at the same time and I found the glass of water while a man came stumbling up to me damn near dead and pleaded with me: "friend, I've robbed men and raped women and killed little old ladies and kidnapped little babies and sold them on the black market and if you gave me that glass of water and it gave me back my life I would prbably go back to the same way of life and if you drank the water yourself and lived I wouldn't blame you at all but either way one of us will die here today and only you can control that outcome!" I would think of the tree that yields its fruit to thief and saint alike and I would think of the river that gives up its life giving liquid to wolf and sheep alike and I would remember the preacher's words: "You get out of life all that you deserve!" And I would give that man that glass of water because it isn't up to me to decide whether or not another man lives or dies only that I live or die with honor and dignity." That's not to say that I'm not a fighter or a warrior for what's right, but it's to say that, Right makes Might and that the good fight is always one-sided and that if you always look to win then you'll never go against the odds, you'll never put up your life for anothers so you'll never know what your life is worth and you'll never find out whether or not the things you believe in are worth the time and energy to stake your life on because what good is a long life that produces only a shadow of shade for your toe when a short life produces a monument that cast a shadow across the land that shelters millions like a forest of trees that protect and preserve the land and gives sustenance to all the people. To be quite frank the laws of America say that I have been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole and if you accept that then this ain't a fight for you but if like me you believe that I haven't been given a sentence of Life without the possibility of Love and that you have more than enough that gives you the strength and will power and fortitude and patience to join with me in the fight to change the laws of America and make this not just a fight of civil rights or human rights but of Spiritual freedom that gives no country the right to ask its citizens to kill for it and yet kills them when they do it on their own. You must be willing to oppose a state that would give a cop the right to shoot you when you run a red light but when you want to get health care at your job they say it's too expensive. You can't go to a school of your choice but you can be sent to a state or federal pen - you make the choice. And if you feel that we are compatible and that you would like to see me out of prison before I turn a 100 years old then you'll have to travel thru Europe like St. Paul and convert people to a New type of religion that gives individuals the right to be safe and sound against unjust laws and start a movement that not only saves lives but saves Nations because my ultimate goal is to go before the United Nations with a million people and to demand that the Leaders of the World take a vote on Life Without Parole and declare it as worst worst than Racism and Genocide and that the Death Penalty be declared a Menace to society worse than chemical warfare and landmines and its abolition become a United Nations Resolution. And if after all this me and my compatriots are let out of prison we'll all meet up on the French Riviera and drink loads of Champagne and tons of Viagra and make love until Haley's Comet comes back around this way."