15/09/2011 20:42

My name is Steven. I'm 24 years old. I'm half Filipino/White and I'm currently serving a 25 to life sentence in an Arizona State prison. I was born in Phoenix but has been raised in Las Vegas and all over southern California.

I enjoy reading, writing and art. I'm an artist myself, therefore I spend alot of my time drawing from my own imagination. I also love music of any kind and any genre! I'm an honest and free spirited person, laid back but love to laugh with those who're close. I'm very open minded and understanding. I don't take life so serious that it prevents me from living. Friendship, family and being able to communicate is important to me.

I'm seeking the same qualities in a pen pal, so if you feel we have the slightest bit in common and would like to share your world with mine, feel free to write and lets start our jurney from there.


Steven Landis #205477
ASPC - Eyman
PO Box 4000
Florence, AZ 86132