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Steven Woods, TDCJ #999427 will be executed in less than a month for a crime he didn't commit. For more info read this following letter or go to send the following letter out to Texas State Representative Coleman, if you support Steven's cause/innocence.


Here is Representative Garnet Coleman's contact info:

(You can email him as well!)




Dear Representative Coleman,


I heard an interview on KPFT News that you submitted your opinion to the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole to deny the parole of a man who committed a hate crime. During your interview, you had made a statement at the end, saying that you were speaking out to keep someone who committed such a heinous crime in prison, and you would be equally vocal for a man who has been wrongfully committed of murder, to see him released.


Sir, I would like to point you in the direction of a man who is wrongfully convicted of murder and has an execution date for September 13th, less than a month away. This man, Steven Woods was sentenced to death for the murders of Ron Whitehead and Bethena Brosz in 2002.

He has maintained his innocence the entirety of his incarceration.

Three months after Woods was sentenced to die, his co-defendant, Marcus Rhodes, confessed to shooting and killing both victims, yet he received a life sentence with the possibility of parole.


All physical evidence confirms that Marcus Rhodes was, indeed the murderer, as the murder weapons were found in Marcus’ possession, registered to Marcus, and tainted with only Marcus’ fingerprints. The victim’s belongings were found in Marcus’ vehicle.. At the time of the murder, Mr. woods hid in Marcus’ car. There is no physical evidence that ties Steven Woods to the crime scene.


Mr. Woods has attempted to appeal his sentence but has not been heard by the courts. They say, even though he was not convicted or even charged as a party to the offense, that even though Marcus is the murderer, Mr. Woods could still be guilty as a party. Mr. Woods denies ever anticipating/planning/knowing about the murders and there is is no proof or actual motive that could indicate his involvement in this terrible crime.


I believe that even if Woods were theoretically a party, he should not be subject to a death sentence while the actual murderer received life with parole. I would ask that you step in to protect a wrongfully convicted man from being executed and submit a letter to the Board of Pardons and Parole asking for clemency, & that Mr. Woods' sentence at the very least be commuted to life without parole.


I commend your willingness to speak out for your constituents and it is my prayer that you speak out on behalf of Mr. Woods and help spare an innocent man’s life. Please tell me how I may contribute to your next re-election campaign.

Thank you for your time.