12/07/2011 09:38

Hey what's going on? My name is Tim Watts, I am a 27-year old white boy from Oregon. I constantly work out , as you can tell ladies how ripped I am. I put a lot of focus on always progressing physically, mentally, and spiritually. I almost always have a full six pack going on which I'm pretty proud of. I have 18" biseps, also, I am always super energetic and fun loving. I am usually the life of the group; always trying to make someone smile. As I said before I am very athletic, but as gentle as a teddy bear:) I am a realist so I always keep it 100% when it comes to meeting new people. When it comes to me what you see is what you get. I do not play games. Ladies tell me what you enjoy doing, how do you spend your time? My character overall is laidback and shy at first, though once I’m in the comfort zone, I open up. I know how to make a lady smile, that’s guaranteed. I’m not one to hold back on what I think. I’m also humorous, open-minded, and treat people how I like to be treated—with respect. The things I am into as a free man are being outdoors; for example, hiking, fishing and camping. If you are interested in writing an outgoing man who will always be up front and make you smile please write me and brighten your life.

Holler at your boy,

Tim Watts #14550893
777 Stanton Blvd.
Ontario, OR 97914