01/08/2011 16:43

Hey, how are you? Well, I hope all is well with you and your family. If you’re reading this that means you realize that I’m interested in meeting a nice lady, is that you? Often our paths are not what we would choose for ourselves. Most times we can’t go back, and staying still means stagnation. So, it is for us to continue on, acquiring the things necessary to make our journey through life as bright and memorable as possible. We only really have this one life, and we should make the most of what we’re given.

I believe friendship is the culmination of what is best in life and should be our chief treasure. It is something we should revel in every chance we have if we’re to enjoy a full life. I extend mine to you in hopes you’ll see it for what it is – a gift freely given. Life sometimes we take so much for granted, even life itself! I do my absolute best to always embrace life, and to enjoy laughter wherever it’s found. I also think honesty is the highest form of respect, and that being honest with those we care for is valid proof that we care. So, I’m always prepared to speak my mind, and present myself exactly as I am.My hobbies consist of running, listening to music, camping, hunting, fishing, and weightlifting. As you can see from my picture, I definately do my share of working out!  When I get out hopefully will have a nice lady to share my life with, I get out next year! Should you the find the time and occasion to write, I hope you will.

With Much Respect,

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