13/01/2011 15:50

 Greetings! If you’re seeking to meet and perhaps add somebody new to your life, then I may just interest you.
My name is Tyr, I’m a strong American male with 43 years of life experience, some good, some bad, but it’s been a wild ride to say the least. I am a very secure and confident being who is open, brutally honest and very understanding.
Due to some real poor choices, and taking risks I know now I never should have taken, I’m paying my debt to society in a super max prison (unlike many, I was guilty J). So I have more than my share of lonely days and nites. My hopes are that these few words captivate that special someone’s attention (you know who you are) who has a little bit of time to share, and is adventurous enough to take this to the next level and drop me a line and a photo.
Physically: I’m fair completed, brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m just under six feet tall with a muscular build, and lots of tattoos. I’m somewhat of an artist, very well rounded and open to touch on just about any topic. I have a good sense of humor and one word that could describe me best is “loyal”. So let’s roll the dice if I sound like someone you wanna know.
– peace out –

ASPC Eyman
P.O BOX 4000
FLORENCE – AZ 85132-4000