14/10/2011 19:46
Hi There! Whether it was curiosity that caused you to visit me here or you just simply wanting to engage in something new & spontaneous, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Wendell, but those close to me call me “Dell”. I hail from the great state of Texas, but have resided here in...


26/09/2011 22:53
Hello World, If you've arrived at this site and have found your way to me, please allow me the luxury of introducing myself. I'm Eric and although I live in the Seattle area, my home is St Louis, MO. And that is what most of my friends call me. I'm easy-going, crazy-funny, with a zest for...


01/05/2011 11:52
Release date 06/02/2031 I’m looking for a friend, are you there? I live in a world of constant worries and my only avenue of escape is through you. Uplifting words with the possibility of seeing a beautiful smile make these gloomy days worth living for. There is nothing like receiving the pleasure...


07/02/2011 00:29
Height: 6' Weight: 225 Eye color: Brown Hair color: Black Age: 53 Reaching out with hopes of linking understanding and wisdom by way of personal friendship in order to bring the roots of your desires to the surface. Whether it was curiosity, spontaneity or perhaps the absence of having...



Patricks Date of Birth is 9th April 1982

I’m a man that knows what I want and drive to fight for it. Also, able to see my faults and learn from them. I’m 28-years old and have served 13-years in prison. I only have 18-months left and am ready to start over. Now for those single ladies interested I am looking for someone to write me and keep me company, as it does get lonely in here at times. I am a solid 6'0", white man with blue eyes. I enjoy making people laugh and smile, just seeing a lady with a smile on her face makes me so happy. That’s my number one goal, no matter what, is to always be happy. I have a big heart and always strive to better myself. I enjoy being adventurous and having fun. I value the simple things in life such as taking a nice walk or even just sharing a good conversation. I am athletic, energetic, love music and always seek the good in people. Other than that I would love to hear from a female. I look forward in getting mail, I feel that will make both of us happy!

With Much Respect,


Patrick Dalton #815505

R-Unit B-64


P.O. Box 2049

Airway Heights, WA 99001-2049




Time plus pleasure affords me the luxury of reaching out from here in an open and honest attempt to connect with you in hopes of finding a healthy, lasting friendship. When all of our superficial layers are stripped away, that´s usually when “the real person” surfaces and is the person you´d like to meet. I am not the least concerned with the type of packaging God wrapped you up in, including age, race, size, nationality or otherwise, just as long as you are sincere and committed to maintaining correspondence. My hope is that you are open-minded, witty, compassionate, hungry for someone substantial in their thinking as well as character and who welcomes the company of a true gentleman. Although I am currently being held captive here in the Pacific Northwest, my home is Chicago, IL. My loves include exploring new people, places and things, experiencing new cultures. I´m hooked on reading and my current tastes seem to be the many conquests of Jerusalem, the Ottoman Empire and other religious dynasties throughout history, but I enjoy too many subjects to list here. I am outgoing, extremely compassionate, a risk taken and I adore the raw beauty of truth. I love nothing more than one-to-one interpersonal communication and the passion it possesses. If you are seriously contemplating sending a response to what I´ve said, I can assure you disappointment is not what you will find.  I eagerly anticipate hearing from you soon, have a gorgeous day and God bless you, Smile!


Freddie Hampton, #765266

Washington State Penitentiary

1313 N. 13th Avenue

Walla Walla,

WA 99362





I hail from “the Chocolate City” Washington DC, but I am currently being held hostage here in the Pacific North-West. Regardless to what you may have heard or seen on television or perhaps the big screen, I am sure it doesn´t compare to my reality. I´ve seen many things, participated in some and prevented some from happening as well. I have entered unknown and forbidden doors enjoying the experience. It has proven essential that throughout this period of my life I engage in a proactive approach of rehabilitizing myself via study, fellowship and networking. I´ve found the relationship with one´s own brain to be a battlefield that´s representative of how our choices can ultimately dictate the scope of our lives. I tend to believe this influences our success rate when it comes to entertaining the inclusion of someone else in our lives. This is an honest approach to reach out beyond these walls and in the process creates a window of hope from which I can print a canvass of freedom, but I need your participation in order to make it real. I enjoy experiencing new cultures and ideas, hope to travel extensively upon my release. I am not particular when it comes to a person´s sexual orientation, size, age, nor race… I´m color blind and age is nothing more than a number. Consider myself extremely open-minded, non-judgemental, crazy-funny and love to take healthy risks! I believe in God and the foundation of spirituality; I happen to be a nice physical specimen if these attributes attract you. There´s much more to me than I can say here, but I´ll respond without reservation to any inquiries you may have. I hope in some way I´ve added some intrigue to your day and I eagerly anticipate your response. Have a gorgeous day!
Birthdate: 2/12/73, Ht: 5´10; wt: 170 lbs

D´Angelo Green #310589
Washington State Penitentiary, F Unit-E205
1313 N. 13th Avenue,
Walla Walla,
WA 99362